The Section of Education of Polish Studies and Constant Education

(Zakład Edukacji Polonistycznej i Kształcenia Ustawicznego)

Employees and doctoral students of EPiKU Section specialize in teaching of teacher and animator’s competences connected with teaching of Polish language, literature and culture at all levels of education for children, youth and adults. They conduct specialization courses on methodology of teaching of Polish literature and linguistics at school and in educational organs and on programme basics, they discuss the offer of course books and didactics of Polish studies in European system, they use experience of factual advisors and material experts in the Ministry of National Education and numerous scientific associations.

The Section in its didactic offer offers courses included in teaching specialization at first and second cycle full-time studies, extramural studies and one-year postgraduate studies. Apart from this, its members conduct seminars dedicated to author’s scientific research: among others to language of the media in child’s world, language and poetics of literary reportage, contemporary and modern poetry and sociology of literature.

The employees actively participated in preparation of Programme basis for pre-school education and general education prepared in the Ministry of National Education and in works on new Programme for Polish language teaching – under patronage of the European Commission.

Due to courses of EPiKU Section, a graduate from the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Warsaw University can apply for work as a teacher of Polish studies (at all levels of education and in various types of schools), an animator of Polish studies education, consultant and factual advisor in Polish studies for educational and governmental organ bodies.

A list of employees

Prof. dr hab. Bogdan Owczarek
Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Podracki
Dr hab. Agnieszka Mikołajczuk
Doc. dr Tomasz Wroczyński
Dr Ewa Bem-Wiśniewska
Dr Joanna Fruzyńska
Dr Jarosław Klejnocki
Dr Tomasz Kowalczuk
Dr Magdalena Trysińska
Mgr Ewa Kozłowska


Teaching Specialization